Building a Wood Fence: Some things to Know

Prior to installing a wood fence, you should know several things. Learn a few basics about fencing from Fencing Daphne AL, so that you can decide what to do and what not to do.

The area where you are about to have the fence installed should be measured. Based on the measurements, the materials needed can be determined. Our team of specialists guarantees to consistently convey the best quality fencing services!

Common Mistake

Have your property lines marked by fence company Daphne AL professionals! It’s quite common to forget to verify property lines when installing a fence, only to find out later that their new fence has been installed on neighbors’ property. The new fence then might need to be removed and reinstalled.

Gate Measurement

Measure the gate height and the number of gates you will need. In most cases, gates are hinged on both sides. A taller gate, on the other hand, will require at least three or four hinges to support the extra weight. The most common fence sizes are four to eight feet high.  Deck Builder Daphne AL company is prepared to serve all of your needs while giving importance to minute details!

Fence Posts Height

Your new fence posts will have to be buried in the ground, which means the post’s height requires some reconsideration. Having your local lines marked before you dig holds significance. Because you could also be fined for all repairs if a utility line is struck, Fence installation Daphne AL helps avoid all this.

Other Problems

Before you begin, ensure you know your city’s codes. Some cities restrict fence height and some that do not allow fences at all. In addition, a permit will be required in most localities before you start.

Fence installation requires considering many factors. It is thus best to hire the services of a professional fence contractor like Fence company Daphne AL, who will handle all the small details for you.

Fence company Daphne AL measures your property line, is familiar with the city codes, and is able to procure all permits needed. After your new fence is installed, you can just sit back and enjoy it.


It is essential to consider carefully your fence installation choices. Before beginning, a fence is the first thing that a visitor will see when visiting your property. A fence can be made from almost any material, style, or color. Along with almost endless possibilities.

You can also install a fence for many reasons. These are some reasons fence company Daphne AL recommends fencing for consumers.

An issue of privacy

Privacy is of great significance for many people. The type of fencing that you choose should be determined by how much privacy you want. If you are seeking greater privacy around your property, vinyl or wooden fences make excellent choices.

Material like this is less revealing than chain-link fencing. Installing a high-quality fence around your property from fence installation Daphne AL will help protect your property from prying eyes. They also prevent pets from being disturbed by passing people or cars.

Concerns about security

Fences are a great method to improve security around a property. Affluent or risky areas require some level of security. Fencing Daphne AL can deter miscreants from, a big misconception. That your property is an easy target for trespassing or theft by installing high fences.

A fence is also a great way to prevent children and pets from wandering off.

Creating boundaries

Another reason consumers opt to choose fence installation Daphne AL to install fences is to define boundaries between properties and land. Separating property boundaries is made simple with a fence.

In addition to preventing trespassing, fencing minimizes the risk of costly lawsuits and personal injury. Installation of a fence on your property enables you to design your space. Make improvements as you see fit, such as adding a deck.

A safety concern

A sturdy fence protects children, pets, and design elements on your property from inside and outside dangers. In case you have curious pets or small children, a fence from fencing Daphne AL can prevent accidents.

Furthermore, fencing keeps outsiders from entering your property, especially if you have a guard dog. Further, a fence allows you to display a sign that warns people against coming onto your property without permission. In case it needs a repair, Fence Repair Daphne AL is here to help you out!

Swimming pool fences are also a great addition if you own a pool. Because it can protect the pool area and prevent children, animals, and others. To prevent accidental falls into the pool and eventually drowning incidents! Due to this reason, some people require a fence around pools.

It shouldn’t be a concerning matter why you want to install a fence about your property. By hiring one of the most reliable fencing companies, you will be protected from any harm or liability. Fence company Daphne AL’s fence installers are licensed and insured, so you don’t worry about anything happening to your property.

Repairs or Replacement?

Your fence may have been damaged by a storm. You should think about what’s next. Repairing the fence or replacing it is an option. Rather than trying to fix bits and pieces on your own, sometimes it’s more cost-effective to replace the whole fence.  Deck Builder Daphne AL can definitely help you out!

Your primary concern should be maintenance. A fence may be irreparably damaged if storm damage is extensive. Repairing the fence might not be worthwhile, and consider replacing the entire thing. If the damage is minor have it taken care of immediately which can be left to fence repair Daphne AL.

installing a pool fence on your property

Maximize the productivity of your backyard

BBQs with the family, reading in the sun while the kids play on the grass. The backyard is where so many moments are created. Create a private, cozy, and inviting outdoor space with a fence to help you cherish those moments.

While ensuring that kids and pets are safe, a privacy fence can also enhance the look of your garden. If you prefer that a deck might suit your backyard, Deck Builder Daphne AL can also help with that need of yours.

installing a pool fence on your property

The choice for a sunlight exposed deck

Sunlight is naturally absorbed by the wood and dissipated by it. If you walk across many wood surfaces exposed to direct sunlight for hours, you will not burn your feet. This is never the case with other materials.

Regardless of which kind of deck you choose, you should never forget to fence the space. The importance of security cannot be overstated today, and a fence will not only offer your family the sense of security they need, but it will also enhance the overall look of your property.

The Deck Builder Daphne AL company specializes in building quality decks and fences while providing customer satisfaction. This customer satisfaction is somewhat based on the quality workmanship and used materials.