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Are you looking for a pool fence? Or maybe you have been wanting a wooden privacy fence around your home for security or to keep the kiddos safe.  Fence Pros Mobile is a fence company in Fairhope AL that specializes in fence installation and repair.  We grew up and live here and have been serving Mobile and the surrounding communities for multiple generations.  We have professional installers that provide the best craftsmanship and customer service in town.  Our afforable fencing service is unmatched and we also offer FREE estimates.  If you need vinyl, wood, aluminum, chain link, privacy or pool fencing, call us today to talk about the different styles and options available for you to choose.


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Fence Installation Fairhope AL

Fence installation in Fairhope AL by Fence Pros Mobile offers a lot of usefulness and utility to your home. Most property owners construct fences for privacy, but there are many additional reasons you need a fence. Fences have generally been used to strengthen security, protect against inclement weather, give better value, and maintain privacy. Fencing enhances the appearance of your property while also protecting you and your loved ones.

If there is a fencing project you have been considering, there is no better time than now to call Fence Pros Mobile for a FREE estimate to discuss what is available and how it will fit into your vision.

Fencing Fairhope AL

Fencing is a method of securing your house, and it’s not just for the visual appeal – it adds to your property; it also provides genuine protection. However, if we go back in time and look at the history of fences, we can see the fantastic design that people used to construct for their borders. It was also customary to build a fence that matched the style of the property, and people put a lot of work into it. As a result of the high demand for fence construction, fencing companies began to spring up all over the country, and today, if you search for a fencing company, you will likely find plenty of them. However, keep in mind that you want high-quality work, and while looking for a fence company in Fairhope AL, you want a firm with the outstanding services and a strong reputation. In this respect, Fence Pros Mobile provides the best services for fence installation in Fairhope AL and are the ones to suit all of your needs.


When a good fence begins to deteriorate, it can become an eyesore rather than a resource. In addition, a beautifully installed fence may catch the attention of everybody.  HOA’s can require a specific fence installation service in Fairhope AL because a decaying fence can make the entire neighborhood appear run-down. So, if your fence is starting to show its age, you have two options: you must hire a professional fencing company for the services of fence repair in Fairhope AL. Understanding which option to select demands a thorough inspection of your fence, an assessment of the losses, and a choice on how much you would like to invest in the future of your fence.

Vinyl Fence Fairhope AL

A vinyl fence is a plastic-based fencing substitute to wood or chain-link fences. There are a lot of benefits for you to the use of vinyl fences instead of wood or aluminum. A vinyl fence is stronger and harder than wood. Vinyl fence is also very versatile, making it an excellent choice for Fairhope AL given our weather conditions such as wind gusts, thunderstorms, and cold weather during the winter. In such situations, a wood fence is easy to destroy. Vinyl fence is also simple to clean, requiring only soap and water. Because the color of a vinyl fence will not ever fade, it will not need to be stained or coated. Call the best fence company in Fairhope, AL to discuss what option is right for you.

Aluminum Fence Installation

Aluminum fencing offers the traditional appearance of wrought-iron fencing while keeping a high level of inner strength, which means it, is less prone to corrosion and deterioration.

Fence Pros Mobile is a fence company in Fairhope Al that provides the following aluminum fence products:

  • Residential Aluminum Fencing
  • Pool Fencing Made of Aluminum
  • Dog Fencing Made of Aluminum
  • Aluminum Safety Fencing
  • Aluminum Front Gates

Front appearance is most important in your home, so you can enhance its charm by installing a stylish aluminum fence. We are a fence company that offers a variety of choices to assist you in increasing the value of your home while also making your family secure. There’s no need to be worried about the setup because our professionals are always ready to help.

Wood Fence Fairhope AL

It is entirely up to you to decide what type of wood you want to use around your home. The appropriate wood for your situation depends on your budget, desired look, and weather conditions. Durability is less of a problem in moderate areas with few violent storms and minor temperature variations. Endurance is a much bigger worry in places with significant temperature variations, such as those with frigid winters, scorching sun, or violent storms and winds. Pine is excellent perfect for those avoiding investing extra income. However, redwood might be a better option if you want to pay more now to minimize future repairing costs. 

Call our professionals now if you want the best services for the installation of fencing in Fairhope, AL.

We focus on saving time by doing everything quickly at our fence company. We are also skilled and talented fence contractors.  No job is too big or too small.

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The optimal fence should complement the building’s aesthetic design and structure and the owner’s choices, lifestyles, and requirements. It’s also essential for families to feel confident that they’ve taken all necessary precautions to keep their toddlers safe and comfortable. Furthermore, it must be made of simple materials and built to last for countless decades at least. So, get in touch with fence builders Fairhope Al right away.

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Properly constructed and maintained fences add significant value to the property, but have you considered how this is accomplished? Hire us for the long-lasting fence materials and installation services. Protect yourself from the burden of fence repair costs.